Public and school bus services:

With the exception of certain circumstances, most sixth form students are not entitled to free home to College transport; however they may apply to their local Council for a concessionary travel pass to use the school bus transport from most villages.

Further details, including school transport policies and how to apply are available on the following links:

Please see at the bottom of this page an email we received from Stagecoach regarding travel arrangements for those that live in Bedford and Kempston.

Bedford Termrider Leaflet December 2016

The 857 service is the preferred vehicle for Kempston and Bedford families as it both picks up and drops off on the school site and it arrives at 8:15am in good time for the start of school. On the early finish day on September 22nd route 857 will pick up at 2pm.
If parents/carers prefer to use the 53 service we recommend that they ensure their children catches the 53 service which leaves Bedford Bus Station at 7:35am or if absolutely necessary the 7:55am service. Any student catching the 8:15am service will be late to school. This is clearly unacceptable and parents/carers should ensure that their children catch an earlier 53 service.
Any parents/carers brining their children to Wootton Upper School by car should arrive not later than 8:25am. At the end of the school day parents are asked to arrive from 3:15pm onwards. Work on the new housing development opposite the school, Little Wootton, is now underway. There are traffic lights and other obstructions in place. It is not safe to park, drop off or pick up students at the front of the school. We would ask all parents/carers please consider the safety of our students, residents of the village and others by arriving from 3:15 p.m. and to collect their children from the school site.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Stagecoach Termrider tickets for the new Autumn term will be available to purchase from Elstow park&ride site between 0700 and 1700 on from Wednesday 17th until Tuesday 23rd August 2016.
I also attached a copy of the new Termrider leaflet which details the new ticket prices for the 2016/2017 academic year.
There are some minor alterations for the 804/805 journeys from September 2016. Passengers who normally return on the 805 to Howbury Street/Castle Street, Wendover Drive shops, Barkers Lane & Goldington Road/Brookfield Road, will now need to catch the 805 service in the morning and then the 804 service back in the afternoon.
In addition to this the AM times on the 857 service have changed, see attached leaflet for details. Parents with pupils who use these routes are advised to check the attached leaflet for details of these changes.
Please can you distribute this information to the parents of children who attend your school. If you require any further information on these services/tickets, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Yours sincerely
Stagecoach East

For students using their own transport:

Cycle shelters are available at both Colleges. Parking is available for those students wishing to use mopeds, motorcycles and cars; however all students must display a valid parking permit, which can be obtained from the Student Support staff.

For travel between Kimberley College and Wootton Upper School:

A school shuttle bus service runs regularly for students studying subjects that are taught at both Colleges.